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This narrative was my Final Major Project at UWE Illustration. I really loved working on this project which developed from the puppet I made at Aardman Academy's Sketch to Screen course.

Illustrations and concept by Abigail Smith

Accompanied poem by Caroline Johnson

See how I made 'Hear Me' here...

More about the puppet here....

If you would like to see the whole book, I'd love to share it.

Please contact me if you want some more sneaky peeks!

Hear Me mock up 2.jpg

Flick through some sample pages ...

Page 12 &137 mock up.jpg

Everyone talks to their inner thoughts. As a child this is called your invisible friend - its there, right in front of you and you don't try to hide it. But as you get older, you refuse to see the creature in your mind. As the creature gets more anxious, it grows in size and the flowers on his back wilt. This is what gives you a sense of being trapped - a dark cloud looming behind. But then, the more comfortable the creature gets, it shrinks, the glow in the stomach brightens, and the flowers begin to bloom.


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