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I had an amazing experience attending Aardman Academy's Sketch to Screen workshop. I designed a character which would extend my puppet making skills and help me learn skills I want to use in the future from the modelmakers. 


I wanted this character to represent mental health and use it for a narrative exploring the theme. I focussed on the character's silhouette and texture.


(scroll down for more images)

Hear Me mock up 3.jpg

I used this puppet to make a narrative, have a look!

"Abi's work shows a great inventiveness whether playing with characters, sets or illustration. This is supported by strong 2D pieces which demonstrate an eye for detail and understanding of colour and construction."

JIM PARKYN, Aardman Model Maker

certificate 1.jpg

The spikes in the back of the puppet are fully manipulatable and inter-changeable. There are a set of 3 spikes which sequentially open the flowers.

Inside the stomach of the puppet is an LED light which I can control the colour and brightness using a remote.

There are 3 faces with slight eye-brow edits that changes his face expression slightly.

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