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How to arrange a commission and other useful information. 

I hope your questions are answered here but please do get in touch if you'd like to know anything else.

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How do I ask for a quote?

To enquire about a quote, please email me – – or send me DM on Instagram - @potteryby_abigailsmithstudio.

  • Please send me at least 1 photo of the house (doesn’t have to be a house – shop?). A front and back image would be good.

  • Which size model you are interested in (please see my price guide). If you are unsure, please send me an idea of your budget.

  • Any ideas or additions – would you like it to be a plant pot, with garden saucer? Tealight holder? Somewhere for your toothbrush? Pen pot?

  • Do you have a time goal in mind for a gift?

I will need all this information to give you an accurate quote so please fill out with as much detail as you can.

If you are happy with my quote, we will then have a consultation about any specific design preferences. I can do this over an email or zoom call.

How long
will it take?

Each design will have a range of factors that will influence how long the process takes – even the weather has an impact on how long the clay takes to dry before the first firing. I work on these projects part time in a studio with many other potters (also creating gorgeous pottery for the kilns) and so it is difficult to give an estimation.

I will be fully transparent when quoting your design when I expect it to be completed but if you have a deadline in mind, please do let me know. I appreciate your patience as I want to make every piece with full care.

As a general guide (standard design, no additions)

Small – 6 weeks

Medium – 8 weeks

Large - 10 weeks

During the process I will keep in touch with progress updates (and photos).

Can I ask
for edits?

During the initial consultation and quoting process, we can discuss specifics about the make. For example, is there a particular flower you’d like the garden to represent, a birdhouse you made in the porch, a cat in the window? Each design is fully bespoke, and I’d like to capture your home – not just the building.

At the end of stage 1 (before the first firing), I will send you a photo and a chance to add anything before it is fired. Please note, any considerable changes will have an edits fee and may delay the completion estimate.

If I have any questions about your preferences throughout the process, I will be in touch and I would appreciate swift response to keep the project moving.

Can it be any building?

Yes - How about your mum’s shop? Or your local pub? Anywhere that has good memories for you – please let me know and we can have a chat about how we can preserve it in ceramic!

I have an idea....

Great – let me know! I love it when these models have a personal touch or purpose in your home. I use one of mine for the toothbrushes! I’d love to make one to keep tea bags in maybe??

What colours are available?

There are two clays I can use to make your house – a standard sandy coloured clay and terracotta*. This will be the base layer which can be left exposed or covered in glazes. I will paint the details using underglazes, like the windows, doors and greenery. These areas will then need a layer of wax so when the whole piece is dipped in a colour for the exterior, they are not covered as well. I have a great range of glazes available (through Make Studio) so your house can be whatever colour you’d like. Some have great textures; some will react differently when layered with different glazes – its all very exciting! I will evaluate what I discuss with you what I think would be the best approach.

Finally, a transparent coat can be applied to make the piece shiny or waterproof (required for plant pots!)

* please note, terracotta may take longer to fire due to different kiln temperature required.

Can you post?

Yes, I can post for an extra fee. I am looking into quotes to produce a guideline currently. I will pack every order with lots of protection and will require tracking and insurance to cover the cost if lost/broken in transit.

If you are Bristol based, I would recommend free collection directly from the pottery studio where I work. The address is Make Bristol, 124 East St, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4ET.

I can also offer personal delivery if you are Bristol based for a £15 fee.

How do I go ahead and pay?

After a free consultation and quote, I will provide a commission contract summarising the project and terms and conditions. I will start making your design once the contract has been signed and half payment made.

I will ask for half payment upfront and the other half on completion. I will then organise dispatch, collection, or delivery (whichever we discussed). If you decide to cancel the commission, payments made will not be refundable.

Payments can be made with bank transfer or PayPal. This information will be on your commission contract.

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