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Small size

Open top and base

(for toothbrush!)

Extra windows


Pricing Guide

A basic price guide to show you the starting rates for my commissions. These prices would be for a standard 4 wall hollow house, with closed top.

Example quotes for extras


Medium size

Separate saucer with front garden

Open top and drainage hole base



Small size

Tealight holder

Cut out windows

Open top and base



Large size

Plant pot with separate garden saucer

Open top and drainage holes in base

Extra walls and windows


Custom ceramic houses made by local Bristol artist

Price Guide

Small (maximum 7x7x7cm) prices start at £85

Medium (maximum 12x12x12cm) prices start at £175

Large (maximum 18x18x18cm) prices start at £300

Please note:

Every design is individually prices. More complex details ie. more windows, more walls will have additional charges.

Add Extras!

Make it into a plant pot? With separate garden saucer? Make it a tealight holder? Make it a key dish or hook? Let me know your ideas!

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