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Social Media & Display Coordinator

Riverside Garden Centre, 2022-current

Responsible for representing the company’s brand and increasing engagement of customers online and in person. Independently designed and scheduled multiple posts and stories per week including photographing stock, editing, researching and writing informative descriptions. Completed HTA Social Media and Marketing Development Programme. Proofread and adapted written pieces into engaging infographics. Conceptualised manager briefs using sketches and developed ideas within time schedules. Quickly delivered high quality posters and handouts for multiple department deadlines. Frequently took a lead role in creating merchandise displays. Illustrated using a range of media including digital, hand drawn and 3D. Ensured quality of images would be suitable for large scale and consulted with print businesses for quotes and proofs. Optimised Western Harbour campaign (2021/22) information to communicate clearly, being distributed across Bristol and praised by external campaign company. Works included a guide to support tech-illiterate customers to comment thoughts online. Engagement achieved during Bristol Council’s Visioning exercise was overwhelming and contributed to a public statement that Riverside “will be accommodated within the area for the existing and new communities to enjoy”. Assisted in coordinating and supervising Winter Market (2020) with local creative businesses. Ensured store holders had their needs met and the event operated professionally being regularly promoted on company social media. Prepared internal themed displays and interactive family events and competitions encouraging engagement within the community across a wide age range. Updated website increasing user accessibility for visitors including the use of assistive technology. Liaised with website designer and company directors. Edited previous blogs and updated graphics.

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