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Exciting News!

🎉 2023 has started off with a big change for me as I am committing to developing my art career. Four days a week I will be learning, making and exploring my practice, which I want to share here!

🌿 After graduating in 2020, I was fortunate that my student job hired me full time which supported me during the pandemic. If you are in Bristol, please support @riversidegardencentre - they are an amazing local company and social enterprise with some fab plants too! I owe them a lot and so glad that I still get to work with them, continuing to run their social media and other creative endeavors.

🎨 Now, I am super excited to be able to dedicate my time to improve my skills in various areas (model/puppet making, illustration, moving art, animation...) and pursue what I love!

😁 I hope you enjoy following me over my journey and thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far!

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